My job is to build you an amazing web presence to attract your ideal customers.
Joseph Hass I build amazing websites that work for small businesses and tradies to attract their ideal customers.


I am just a regular guy who likes computers, the internet and wants to make the web better.

Why should you listen to me and how I can help you?


I (Joseph Hass) have worked as an IT Senior Network Engineer/Technical Lead for more than 10 years. I have brought my IT skills and experience to web design where I not only can design a professional website for you but I can also provide you with website security and optimisation which almost always go missed when you get a website built for your business.

My mission is to make the web better and provide you with a website where you don't need to worry about the technical details. When you need support and that is if you need it I am a phone call or email away. You will not have to wait on the phone to talk to someone or spend hours trying to get help. Also, you will have a reliable website that will be online 99% of the time.

You will understand the process of building a website in simple language with no technical mumbo jumbo. You will get to see your product before it goes into production to make sure you are happy with it. Added to that the price will be a FAIR price for the project with extra services.

You can think of me as your trusted Web Designer. I am here to help you and if we are a perfect fit I would love to work with you, if not then you will get the best advice on how to move forward for FREE from an expert. If you are ready to build your website or rebrand click the BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION button below right now, choose a date, time, fill in your details and let's organise a strategy session to see if we can work together. Imagine what your business is going to be like with a clean, easy to use, secure, optimised website.

At AppBubba Web Design we take pride in our work and satisfaction is guaranteed. WIN-WIN or no deal.